Why Should You Consider Buying a Ford?


Wichita, Kansas, is known as the “Aerial Capital of the World.” In 2021, Ford sold 3.9 million vehicles worldwide through dealers and distributors. With 1.7 million vehicles sold, Ford Motor Company is America’s largest carmaker. Any Ford dealer in Wichita is producing increased sales. But why do most car lovers prefer Ford? Here are the reasons why you should consider buying a Ford.

The United States’ most fuel-efficient car

Ford’s new Ecoboost engine technology aids in developing fuel-efficient and capable vehicles. A turbocharged direct-injection engine is included in the EcoBoost technology, which produces exceptional results. With a 2.0-liter engine for quick acceleration, the Fusion with Ecoboost can get 31 mpg on the interstate and 21 mpg in the city.

Best for family 

Ford, a family-owned company, has always provided mobility to families across the United States. You instantly join the Ford family when you purchase a Ford.

On most automobiles, they provide SYNC®.

Most Ford cars equipped with SYNC® technology will have future technologies accessible. This lets the driver control the music and make phone calls using voice commands. This technology has the potential to transform the game completely.

Get everything you need

Ford provides whatever you need. A Ford dealer in Wichita will take you through all the varieties of cars that ford offers.

  • A tiny hatchback
  • A thrilling sports car
  • A family-friendly crossover
  • A rugged truck

Its car lineup is one of the most diversified in the United States.

Ford makes extremely safe automobiles.

Ford has gone a long way in terms of security features. Ford now equips select vehicles with sensors and offers pre-collision aid, which allows the car to stop as needed to avoid crashes. Ford is well-liked by families and often receives outstanding safety ratings.

  • Best service

Ford will assist you throughout your ownership experience, from the first step into the store through the delivery of the classic. Whenever your Ford vehicle requires service, our factory-trained experts at Riverside Ford provide the expert care it deserves.

Industrial workers’ solutions

Few companies produce automobiles that Ford employees can use. Ford Transit is the way to go if you need a work van. For construction workers, Ford also provides utility cars and vans.

History of high quality

Quality is more than a marketing phrase for Ford Motor Company. It is an essential aspect of the vehicle and truck manufacturing process. All Ford cars have been evaluated to satisfy the highest quality and functionality requirements, from Henry Ford’s pioneering assembly line idea through today’s state-of-the-art production facilities.

Ford EcoBoost

The fewer Ford EcoBoost engines, the more effective they are at attaining high fuel efficiency without losing performance. The EcoBoost engine, which has a small displacement, employs a turbocharged direct-injection technology to produce greater horsepower while consuming less gasoline. 

Environmental Initiatives

Ford’s all-electric Ford Focus and the second-largest fleet of hybrid vehicles reflect the company’s dedication to the environment. Ford minimizes greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the total fuel efficiency of all cars it sells.

More opulent than the competition

Ford places a high value on features that make the car more comfortable and luxurious than its rivals. The 2017 torus is a fantastic illustration of this. The optional leather upholstery and wood trim are attractive, and the heated steering wheel and heated/cooled front seats are convenient.

Exceptional traction

Ford will provide a super-duty vehicle if you need to haul a large boat or trailer. The Ford Super Duty, when properly equipped with a 6.7-liter turbo diesel, can tow a maximum total vehicle weight of 41,800 pounds.