The popular musical genres a live music band can play at your wedding

Music is a large part of many people’s lives but even more so when it comes to weddings. Selecting the songs for your day has a lot to do with determining the overall mood and atmosphere. However, this isn’t simply about choosing your top three favorite songs – whether or not you are the type of couple who wants to dance. Good wedding music will create the right mood, reflect your personalities, and get your guests leave their seats and dance (if that is what you want). 

Everything hinges on planning a memorable entrance and exit song and adding some classy background tunes during dinner and conversational pieces while guests mingle at their tables. The real question is, how do you determine what makes good wedding music?

For that, it will be better to first learn about the musical genres that make a perfect choice for live music at weddings. If you know your options well in advance, you can talk to a reputable wedding band, such as Around Town Ent Wedding Bands NYC, with much more clarity and understanding. So, let’s figure out the popular musical themes.

1. Swing

The fast beats and catchy tunes of swing music combined with the brass flares will surely get your guests excited and dancing. And when they’re in high spirits, it’s crucial to find a lively song that has an upbeat tempo and is cheerful to keep things moving because you don’t want them to return to their seats when the fun has just begun.  

2. Jazz

You can summarize jazz in three words: fast, calm, and timeless. Now, you must know that modern-day jazz bands ensure your guests get a fantastic musical experience at your wedding. Most wedding bands play modern-day varieties of jazz music created at home and abroad over the past few decades. They can also explore other related genres of music. There are many ways to bring your guests a fabulous musical treat at your wedding reception, and your choice of song is undoubtedly an essential part of this process.

3. Latin

Latin music is a lot of fun and comes in wide varieties says Chiang Rai Times. Listen to it, and you’ll learn salsa, samba, and tango – all are interesting in their own right. Latin music might be the perfect touch if you’re looking for a way to add some spice to your wedding day. In a bohemian wedding theme, it can indeed be a pleasant addition. 

4. Rock & Roll

You may think that rock ‘n’ roll and vintage-themed weddings sound like a contradiction, but they go together quite nicely! For a wedding that’s full of fun people, solid dance tunes are an absolute must. You can count on rock ‘n’ roll to deliver lively and energetic background entertainment to fit the mood. With dance music from the 50s to the 80s, guests will have plenty of opportunities to cut loose on the dance floor.

To be precise, choosing a musical genre for your wedding day will be accessible when you know the type of atmosphere you want to create. If you plan something traditional or modern, you know classics to contemporary songs will serve the need. Pop or rock can be unbeatable options if you’re looking for something upbeat and fun. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, so choose the music you and your partner will enjoy the most.