Bitrix24 Pricing vs Confluence Cost, Demos, and Features 

The Bitrix24 software is an ideal platform to manage CRM, communicate with your team, and manage tasks as well. It is able to provide a brilliant suite of features that can resolve many details of project management. Confluence software is a web-based wiki that can act as a central source of truth and help you create one referential platform for the team.

This Bitrix24 pricing vs Confluence cost guide will take you along the ride to learn about the various plans and the features each of them offer. 

Bitrix24 Pricing 

The Bitrix24 cost accommodates businesses of all sizes. There are four types of Bitrix24 pricing options for users: 

1. Free

The free plan supports collaboration with multiple tools like charts, calendar, HD video calls, company workspace, and feed. You can also maintain a company social network where users can chat as well as share posts with each other. This feature acts as a social networking tool for the company. 

You can also show appreciation to your employees and assign them appreciation badges to recognize their efforts. When it comes to task management, you can assign tasks to specific users and make sure that you are staying ahead of the deadlines. Moreover, you can track time and see how much is spent on the execution of tasks. 

A few other features of the free plan include subtasks, check lists, reminders, and recycle bin. There is also an extensive list of task mode options such as Kanban, list, task dependencies, deadlines, and planner. 

2. Basic 

The basic plan costs $39 per month and it has a wide range of tools that are not available in the first one. For example, this option includes better HD video calls that retain the tools for screen sharing, background blur, and audio/video recording. The data storage available for users is 24GB per user. 

When it comes to task management, you will be given tools such as task delegation and task control. Additionally, once the task has been finished, it can be rated as satisfactory or unsatisfactory. 

You can also enhance your CRM with the option to generate invoices and also convert deals to invoices as well. You can catalog up to 3,000 items as well. 

3. Standard

The Bitrix24 option is billed $79. Not only will you have access to 100GB of data storage space but also many others. For example, it provides a company drive tool so that online storage can be allocated to save files related to the work. 

This plan also has an event planner so you can manage upcoming events based on the availability of the members. The employees can access up to 5 email inboxes and manage their work with better control over projects. 

You can, furthermore, conduct polls for users who are using the Bitrix24 accounts. The polls can be anonymous as well as public. You can automate recurring tasks and manage your time. The templates with subtasks will help your team to manage the daily tasks far more easily. 

4. Professional 

The professional plan charges $159 with 1024GB of file storage. It comprises the full range of features that are part of the Bitrix24 software. However, it has the option for unlimited deals, contacts, companies, quotes, and invoices.

You can access unlimited communication channels too. It is safe to say that the professional subscription plan is a great choice for businesses that want organization-wide application options. 

5. On-Premise

The on-premise plan promises high performance so you can access unlimited CRM entities and also send unlimited requests. Similarly, the customization options can be used for branding and adding colors. Likewise, you can customize UI or edit the source code. 

Bitrix24 Demo

The Bitrix24 demo is available upon demand and it is a comprehensive guide on how to use the software to generate the results you are interested in. The demo is a 25-minute video and it is accessible on request.

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Confluence Cost

The Confluence software ensures that users with different goals can join the application without reservations. There are four confluence cost options:

1. Free

This option is free of cost and can be useful for individuals or users who want to learn about the software. The limited set of features that are part of this plan includes page versioning, macros, a structured page tree, unlimited spaces, unlimited pages, and a best practice template library too. 

It has two features for admin controls: domain verification and session duration management. 

You will receive community support in case of any queries whereas 2GB of data storage is available to maintain a central source of truth. 

2. Standard

The standard option costs $55 for each user per month. The advantage of this option includes the option for page and space permissions so that only certain members have access to sensitive information. You can archive pages that you do not need anymore and unarchive them whenever the information is required. 

Page insights will give you an overview of the analytics based on views and comments that are generated on the page. It also gives access to 250GB of data storage space whereas the support is provided within local hours. 

For admin controls, users will receive admin key, admin insights, Sandbox, and release tracks as well. When it comes to security and compliance, on the other hand, you will be able to set anonymous access, access audit logs, and data residency too. The standard option is quite suitable for teams that are in their development stage.

3. Premium

The premium pricing option costs $105 per month and provides a full range of management features such as team calendars, bulk archiving pages, analytics, and more. 

4. Enterprise 

What makes the enterprise pricing plan stand out is that it has unlimited data storage, access to insightful options for data analysis, and better security. 

Confluence Demo 

The Confluence demo can be accessed through the software and is divided into a series of videos of the features that are available.