Take Photos Of Your Family Trips And Make Amazing Travel Videos


Travelling has been hardwired in human lives. People love to travel and make memories that will last them a lifetime. 

But the videos and photos add to the nostalgia and make it all the more fascinating. It allows you to reminisce about that one trip with your family that you want to cherish throughout your lifetime.

If you are looking for some tips to make such travel videos of your trips, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a beach person or a mountain person traveling with your friends or family, we have compiled a list of some tips that would come in handy on your next trip.

10 Tips to Take Photos of Your Family Trips To Make Amazing Travel Videos

No Camera? No Problem 

There is no need to invest in high-end DSLRs if you learn to capture the best shots correctly. 

Most of us use an android phone or iPhone to click the images on our travel. Though it won’t make up for the clarity and definition of a professional camera, you can still make the best out of your phone by using the right angles and lighting.

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Use the Right Angles for Photos

Focus on a low angle when you capture something or someone at a height. For a panoramic view of the place, try to take a step back or go at a higher altitude on a staircase or a balcony to capture the perfect shot.

If you are shooting for a horizon like on a beach, make sure to cover the whole view with a wide shot.

Make Sure to Involve Everyone

The one thing that you will cherish in your memories is the people you take your trips with. Be sure to let all the family members in the frame. 

If possible, try to capture them in the moments they are at their happiest. These are the times when they will give their most honest and amusing expressions.

Try capturing photos with the whole group without making it look choreographed. In simple words, take natural shots. This would give an overall vibrant theme when making videos from images.

Do Not Capture Everything You See

It becomes an urge to click all the pictures when you are in the moment. But think about the back work it would take for you to sort between the images and select some for the final ones.

Also, try creating a colorful thematic video from the photos. This way, you will have an idea about the kind of palette you are looking for and click the pictures that resemble the theme.

Let’s say you are on a beach and are trying to theme it with blue, corals, orange, and sand. Then, only include the images with such backgrounds. Be sure to add your family into such natural shots to get the best photos. 

Travel video editing services help travelers and content creators enhance their footage, adding creative elements to tell a compelling story. Services include color grading, sound design, special effects, and more. These services can help create stunning videos that capture the essence of a destination and inspire others to explore the world.

Capture More Candid Pictures

Candid pictures are the best when it comes to capturing the emotions and the vibrancy of people. The images with the best laughter and the most honest expressions would suit the theme of your video and will give a subtle cinematic feel to the video.

It is not always necessary to capture people with very obvious expressions like laughter or as they are singing. It is also a very subtle form of photography to capture people staring at the blue sea, deep in conversation with people, or even exploring the local greenery and markets on foot.

Try to Have Your Family Members in The Local Places

Build a color palette for your travel photos and add the family members in the backgrounds that match that palette. Try to capture as real moments as possible. This will give a raw addition to your already natural color palette.

Also, talk to your family during the local expeditions and ask them to recall their experiences. This will help convey the emotion of the video story. You can also add candid pictures of your family members at local markets and expeditions.

Use tools that Allow You to Make Videos from Photos

Choose the right kind of tool. You don’t want to pay an immense amount of money in subscription for such videos. You can use a professional free picture video maker tool that has motion, graphics, and other features which are up to your mark for creating your videos from your photos.

Also, check the editing options that the tool provides.

Add Relatable and Fresh Music

Videos these days are trending with raw music and melodies. Good photo video makers for offer this feature. Add a slow and melodic tune that gives a hit of nostalgia to your videos.

Change the Screentime for The Photos if You Sync Music

If your photo video maker allows you to sync music with the video, then keep the music beats in sync with the time your photo appears on the screen. 

Make sure that the beats in the background music match the time your photo appears in the video.

Connect Images in A Sequence

Try to maintain how your photos appear on the screen. Have pictures in order and with a single-color palette at a time. Make easy transitions if your color palette for a beach holiday is blue, sand, orange, and grey.

Start with the blue and the sand, then add the orange to the sand, keeping sand a base color for the entire natural palette. Then add the evening hues and finally, take it to the grey sky with the sand.

This way, drift into different colors in your video with a singular motion and don’t break this link.

Have a fixed sequence to your video, so it is easy on the eyes of the viewers.

In A Nutshell

Travel is inherent, and memories are prominent. If you are someone who has an interest in travel photos, photos, or family travel, then capturing them and presenting them well would be the best way to preserve your memories. Use the best apps for editing and follow good tips to take your video and photo skills to the next level, and in the process, convert your memories into a video for you to cherish throughout your life.