Suit Up with The Best Brooches & Pocket Squares for Men

Brooches for men and pocket squares are a style statement for many men. They can add the glamour touch to any attire or even serve as a statement piece for different. Both have them serve multi-fashion purposes individually.

Brooches for men are an excellent accessory for all, professional or informal attire because they can add elegance, aesthetics, and uniqueness to even the plainest outfits. 

And a pocket square is an excellent way to add some personality to formal attire without going overboard. As long as it fits comfortably in your pocket without bunching or protruding, almost any square of fabric can be used as a pocket square.

Since they have been around for a while, brooches and pocket squares are becoming more prevalent in men’s fashion trends and statements. 

And Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop is now bringing brooches for men and pocket squares that are the ideal fusion of classic and modern designs. Let’s find out more about these fashion-forward accessories.

Pocket Squares 

Although handkerchiefs have been in our world for hundreds of years, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that they gained popularity as a suit accessory. 

However, men started putting them in their suit jackets’ breast pockets in the 1920s. This sparked a movement, eventually resulting in men’s formal wear incorporating pocket squares. Today, men’s suits are getting styled with a variety of accessories, including pocket squares.

The versatile, historically significant pocket square is one of the most well-liked suit accessories available today.

Men’s formal wear is incomplete without pocket squares, which are equated with the dapper gentleman. This fashionable accessory, worn solely for aesthetic reasons, is essential for expressing personal style, making a statement, and making an impression.

The elegantly folded pocket square has been used for centuries to complement and add style to the two-piece suit, which is typically monotonous in styling and is the simplest and most effective way to add interest to men’s attire.

Brooches for Men 

Brooches are highly decorative and frequently intricate pins that can hold garments together and add a touch of lustre to even the most understated look. They are used as both a decorative accessory and functional addition to any garment or outfit.

While the first brooches were used to hold clothes together, the designs became smaller, more delicate, and more decorative in their appearance over time.

As techniques developed, so did the aesthetics of standard and common brooches worldwide – expressing new metalwork, new materials, and new colours as stones and gems started to get implemented into the design. 

It’s a Wrap!

There are many options for men’s pocket squares and brooches on various platforms, including Myntra, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, mensomeindia, etc., thanks to online shopping. So pick your favourite pocket square and brooch style, wear it on your next “time to dress up” day, and you’ll look as sharp as a new penny!