What are the Benefits of Antivirus Software for Computers?

Malware is one of the biggest cyber threats currently. It can result in the theft of important and sensitive information of users like bank account details, passwords, credit and debit card information, etc. The advent of technology has also resulted in the advancement of malware. Multiple varieties of advanced malware on the Internet possess the potential to harm users’ data significantly. Hence, using top-tier antivirus software has become an absolute necessity for users all around the globe. 

According to Norton, irrespective of whether a user connects to the Internet, antivirus software is an absolute necessity. Cybercriminals and hackers are always looking for opportunities to steal data using malware and succeed in their malicious attempts. Thankfully, both the major platforms, namely macOS and Windows, support numerous third-party antivirus applications that facilitate users to use their respective devices without worrying about data branches, cyber-attacks, etc. This article will shed light on how macOS and Windows users can protect their respective devices from malware and list some of the most prominent benefits of antivirus software. Let us dive right into it:

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How to Protect Macs and Windows Pcs from Malware:


Even though Macs are comparatively safer than other computers and are less susceptible to malware, advanced forms of malware can still break through the protective barrier of Macs and affect the device in numerous ways. However, there are numerous ways that macOS users can keep their devices safe from malware attacks. For example, they can use macOS antivirus software. Antivirus apps have smart malware detection and deletion features that protect Macs from malicious files. CleanMyMac X is a great tool that gets rid of any sort of malware present on a Mac. Besides this, other ways that Mac users can protect their devices include turning on Mac’s firewall, updating privacy settings, using a VPN, etc. 


Windows’ native Windows Defender utility does a pretty good job at keeping malware at bay. Moreover, the additional security protocols and firewalls featured in the OS also protect the PC from numerous sorts of malware. However, instances may arise when a malicious file manages to seep through the security layers and affect the device. Hence, it is highly recommended that users opt for a third-party antivirus tool that effectively detects and deletes viruses on the system. Some popular antivirus apps include Kaspersky, McAfee, AVG, etc. 

Benefits of Using Antivirus Software:

. It Protects Computers from Different Varieties of Malware

One of the most significant benefits of installing and using antivirus software on your Mac is that it protects your computer from numerous malware variants. The app actively scans your computer for any harmful files, and when it detects one, it instantly deletes it to ensure no harm is inflicted upon your device. So whether it is adware, trojans, or any malicious file that has the potential to harm your system, antivirus software detects it and gets rid of it permanently. 

. It Defends PCs from Hackers and Cybercriminals

The majority of cybercriminals and thieves use malware as a way to get into your computer to steal files and confidential information. These malicious files install shady files on your device without your knowledge, which allows hackers to access your computer remotely. Once the hacker is in, there is no limit to the amount of damage they can cause. Antivirus software acts as a barrier that prevents malicious files from completely entering a system and causing real damage. In addition, the active detection feature of antivirus programs effectively tracks down malware and deletes them instantly. Hence, no malware can ever march through the computer’s gate and cause damage when an antivirus program is installed.

. It Limits Websites from Accessing your Computer’s Files

Most computer users surf the web and work online every day, making their devices susceptible to the entry of harmful malware. Moreover, there are numerous websites present on the Internet that feature spyware or ransomware. Without antivirus software, these websites can become a portal through which malware enters your system and affects it. However, if antivirus software is installed on your device, it limits the website from accessing your computer, thereby preventing them from becoming an outlet through which malicious files enter your system. 

. It Keeps Passwords and Other Sensitive Information Secure

Passwords are crucial for accessing any website or portal where users have an account. Moreover, if a password gets compromised, it can lead to information and identity theft. Using a reliable antivirus tool not only detects and eliminates viruses but also acts as a secure chamber for your passwords and other sensitive details. Since it is impossible for everyone to remember each password, using antivirus software helps store passwords and keep them secure from cyber criminals. 

Every computer user should invest in reliable antivirus software to ensure that their Mac or Windows PC remains safe and secure from all sorts of cyber threats.