Tips to Get More Clicks On YouTube Videos


YouTube is the most widely used video-streaming platform all over the globe. This platform is continuously evolving and becoming a major source of income for numerous content creators residing in different parts of the world. The popularity on YouTube is quite easy to analyze; the more clicks (views) a video gets, the more popular and lucrative it becomes. A few years back, YouTube was considered just a place where entertainment-based videos were shared. However, things aren’t the same today, as it has become a huge platform that aids businesses in marketing their products and services.

If you are considering starting your own YouTube channel or you already have one, you might be confused about how to get more clicks on your videos. Just like any other popular content creator, you need to follow certain tips that can capture the attention of the audience. You don’t need to be worried about finding ways to get clicks on YouTube videos, as we are here with this blog to highlight the tips that can grow your audience and viewers on this popular video-streaming platform. So let’s start discussing them without any further delay!

Create Outstanding Content

First things first, in order to get more and more clicks on YouTube videos, you need to come up with outstanding content for the audience. There is no room for low or even medium-quality content on YouTube, as the viewers are always searching for something inspirational and compelling. The things are quite simple on YouTube; if you cannot offer valuable content to the potential viewers, they won’t waste time clicking and watching your videos. Whatever you are targeting, you must know that the margin of error is quite low. No one would like to receive negative remarks or reviews from the audience; hence, the only way to skip this hassle is by generating and uploading outstanding content every single time.

Ask Viewers to Subscribe

While watching YouTube videos, you might have found one thing in common in all the videos, i.e., the creators asking the audience to subscribe to their channels and clicking the bell icon to get notified whenever a new video is uploaded. While attempting to get more clicks on your YouTube videos, you need to use this same trick between your content as well. You can come up with engaging ways to ask viewers to subscribe to your channel. However, you need to avoid asking the audience to subscribe to your channel again and again in a single video. This thing should just be used as a reminder to ask viewers who are watching videos without subscribing to your channel.

Create Attractive Thumbnails

One of the most important elements in the YouTube videos is their preview images, i.e., thumbnails. The first thing a viewer looks at before watching a video on YouTube is its thumbnail. If you don’t want to miss a single potential viewer to watch your video, you need to capture their attention with attractive thumbnails. The thumbnails should be eye-catching enough to make the mind of users definitely give a watch to your videos. For doing so, you need to sum up the entire content your video contains in its thumbnail. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create thumbnails, as the thumbnail maker apps can easily be downloaded on your smartphones. You can choose any YouTube banner template offered by a thumbnail creator and modify it as per your requirements without investing time and effort.

Create Playlists

Creating playlists is another way to increase the viewership of your videos on YouTube. Over this video-streaming platform, people admire watching playlists of their desired content without anything stopping them. When you create a playlist of similar kinds of content on your YouTube channel, you will be providing your audience with the content they might like watching in a single go. Whenever your video is played, the audience might get interested in watching other available videos in the same playlist. It could be questioned that the viewers are choosy, and they like watching the content of multiple creators instead of just a single one. Undoubtedly, it is true, but many times the same playlist content is admired by viewers instead of jumping toward others’ videos.

Promote Videos on Social Platforms

Being a content creator, you may have followers on other social networking sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can gain an advantage from this and grow the number of clicks on your YouTube videos by promoting them on social platforms. To capture the attention of the audience and make them interested in watching your YouTube videos, you can share teasers of your videos through tweets, Instagram stories, Facebook reels, etc. It’s a proven marketing tactic that can uplift the viewership of your YouTube videos and grow the number of your subscribers.