Timeless Ideas to Decorating your Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

For some people, the holidays can be quite distressing given the many decisions on decorations that they have to make. However, it doesn’t have to be so dull and stressful if you carefully plan and execute your decoration ideas early in advance. Christmas trees are central in any Christmas holiday setup and therefore, if you get your tree decoration right then the rest should be easy.

Selecting the Best Christmas Tree

Selecting a Christmas tree is an art and it is a good indicator what type of a person you are. Some people prefer older trees whereas others prefer virgin trees, newly cut and still fresh. Whether you go for character or youth, the most important aspect to consider is just how the tree will look like with the decorations you have in mind. There is no point going for a smaller tree if you have tons of Christmas lights to hang on it. On the other hand, choosing an older tree with character should also be matched with lots of decorations that will bring out the tree’s age and timeless appeal.

How to Decorate your Christmas Trees

The best way to decorate your Christmas tree is by starting from the top to the bottom. Get the major decoration items firmly place before you can top it off with Christmas lights. Some people prefer putting the star at the top and the larger orbs neatly arranged around the tree, before they can string the lights. Of course, this depends on the size and weight of lights you want to hang on your tree. Once you put on the lights, you can then add the smaller decoration items that you can just hang on the smaller branches. Finally, you can sprinkle some dust and glitter to make it all sparkle.

Decorating the Rest of the House

One common mistake most people make is to ignore the rest of the house. Your walls and halls will need color. Of course, the ribbons will come in handy at this stage and you can add blooms, balloons and the occasional sock on the walls. You can also add an extra pre lit christmas tree if your halls are wide and large.

Nowadays, more and more people are adopting flowers in their Christmas decorations. Flowers add more color and joy to your room and this is great for your home. However, be careful not to place the flowers too close to the trees because it will only serve to make your room untidy and seemingly disorderly. Divide your house or room into quarters and place the flowers or house plants in strategic areas to ensure your centerpiece remains a focal point.

Also make sure not to put too many lights on most décor items. Christmas lights are colorful and your decoration items also need to showcase their unique colors. Instead of blinking lights or strobe lights, you can consider snow lights that don’t flicker for your halls and gift areas, and retain the flickering lights for your Christmas trees.