Saxo bank review: the comparison of cost with other forex apps

Saxo Bank is a worldwide service provider and runs various distinct legal companies in various parts of the world. The services provided by the various businesses may vary somewhat, particularly in terms of costs and product selection. In this assessment, Saxo Markets UK was put to the test. Saxo Bank’s safety is enhanced by its extensive track record, banking history, and regulation from top-tier financial authorities. You can also check out Saxo bank review on its mian website. 

 Online trading and investing services are offered by Saxo Bank, a Danish investment bank established in 1992. The corporation is governed by a number of financial regulatory bodies throughout the world, including the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and the Danish Financial Services Agency (FSA) (FCA).

Fees for Saxo Bank trading

Saxo Bank charges standard trading commissions. Although the price structures for the various account kinds vary, they are straightforward, making it simple to estimate your expenditures. We examined the Classic account’s pricing schedule. The cost for Saxo’s Platinum and VIP accounts is more palatable.

If you want high-quality service and are prepared to spend somewhat more for it, we suggest Saxo. Discount brokers are definitely a better choice for you if you’re looking for a deal. Here is a breakdown of Saxo’s charges for various asset types.

Bitcoin fees

At Saxo, you may trade cryptocurrencies using Crypto FX and exchange-traded products (ETPs) (coin crossed with a fiat currency). Visit our post on how to invest in Bitcoin for more information on crypto ETPs. ETPs are priced similarly to stocks and ETFs and traded on several platforms. For instance, 0.1% of the trading volume plus a minimum charge of SEK 65 for a Saxo Classic account make up the trading cost of ETPs listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Spreads are used to determine the price of cryptocurrency FX. As an illustration, the BTCUSD spread on the Saxo Classic account is 160.

Costs for SaxoSelect

With SaxoSelect, a robo-advisory service, you may choose an investing topic and have Saxo create your portfolio. Depending on where you live and the strategy you pick, the average price for this service ranges from 0.75 to 0.95% of the investment value. The cost is composed of:

  • a yearly service charge
  • a fee for performing
  • an execution fee
  • a conversion fee if your portfolio and account are in different currencies.
  • an expense for funding CFD holdings

Similar to mutual funds, SaxoSelect is only offered in a select number of nations, such as Germany, Denmark, and Poland. UK customers are not permitted to use it.

The best forex apps you can find:

In addition to being one of our preferred forex brokers, offers some of the lowest spreads on the market and a fantastic mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. The mobile app has complete functionality available. From the convenience of your hand, you may access the same cutting-edge charting features, news, and fund management as the desktop version.

Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade

The mobile platform for TD Ameritrade is the think or swim app. The site provides direct CNBC mobile streaming and news notifications for market news. The platform’s alert feature, which provides push notifications with pre-set trading alerts, will be adored by traders who start a significant portion of their currency trades while on the road.

Few brokerage firms can compete with TD Ameritrade’s user-friendly thinkorswim program, which offers everything a trader might desire on a single platform.


Numerous of the world’s most well-known digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and others, are already available on the web platform of eToro. Additional advantages include real-time market order execution and unlimited daily withdrawals.

View real-time data to be the first to spot patterns wherever you are. A $100,000 virtual portfolio lets you entirely risk-free test out all of eToro’s cutting-edge features. Additionally, you may access up-to-date market information at any time and receive personalized notifications for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on your watchlist.


NadexGOTM provides the same user experience as its desktop counterpart on a smaller scale. You can access various products, including complete charting and technical analysis features, real-time direct market access, and account management facilities. Switching between the chart and order input ticket could take some time.

Nadex specializes in trading spreads and binary options. A $50 cap is placed on the fee structure, which is $1 per contract. You can also get out of a position by entering a second, opposing position or allowing the contract to expire.