Well, hello there. It’s been a while. It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. My last post was actually a year ago, but I figured I would put it out there again. I have some really good news to share. I have been working on a series of posts about my personal journey. I have a lot of thoughts and questions that I want to share with everyone. I hope you will find them very useful.

I’m not even going to begin to make any claims about the nature of the content I post, but I’m sure I’ll share some of it.

Sagars is an internet comic series. The series is written by me, and it has been published in many formats, including comic books, as a webcomic, and as a podcast. The webcomic is the one I write the most, and I get to write the comic for a second time around every year. In all cases it is pretty much my most popular piece of work, it has had a lot of great critical attention, and it has gotten many wonderful reviews.

Sagars, as it turns out, is about time loops. The series was originally created as a comic that I wrote in the early 90s. Because of the nature of Internet comics, and the nature of most internet comics, I have to be careful not to create a new series just to make money off of it. This means I have to keep my work fresh and exciting for readers like you. I am also careful not to repeat myself, because I want as many readers as I can.

The story can be set in a time loop or a time loop of a certain type. Because of the way it’s set up and how it’s set up (which is pretty much how comics work), it’s difficult to imagine that a time loop would be as exciting for people as a time loop is for the average viewer.

Because I want to keep Sagars as fresh as possible, it’s set up as a time loop in which the main character is the only person in the universe who can manipulate time on one day every week. That’s pretty much how time loops usually work. For a time loop to be as exciting as a time loop of the type I mentioned, I would need a time loop that is actually more exciting than a time loop where you can manipulate time.

I think that the best way to approach it is with an analogy. Imagine that you’re being held captive by a giant time-loop monster that doesn’t allow you to go home. You’d be pretty bummed out, and you wouldn’t want to be bothered. But imagine that the monster is also trying to control your life. So, when you go to get your things, you know that you have to go to a certain place.

sagars does that by forcing you into a specific way of thinking. In life, we always have to make decisions. In a time-loop, we can set ourselves up as a slave to the monster (by making decisions we have no control over) and we end up being more like the monster because we cant escape it.

Of course, we are all trapped in our own time loops. So why should Sagars be different? Well, Sagars is a time-loop game. It turns out that Sagars is also a game about being a slave. In fact, if you decide not to play Sagars, you are a slave. You have to follow the instructions with no choice. It also seems like you have to have a lot of followers to play the game.

So if you don’t follow the instructions, you will become a slave. But you have no choice. If you try to escape, you will end up being a slave. If you try to stop the monster from killing you, you will end up being a slave. And if you try to stop the monster, you will end up being a slave. And if you try to stop the monster, you will end up being a slave.