north naples country club

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The term “water guy” is used to describe a person who does not drink water for any reason whatsoever. The truth is that I have been getting questions about if I am a water guy for years now. I actually have no idea. I am not even sure what the term “water guy” means. I can understand it if you’re a person that drinks water because you get thirsty, but you don’t consider yourself a water guy. You have to drink water to drink it.

A water guy is basically someone that has no understanding of what water is. They may be part water, part non-potable water, or they may have no idea what water is. The same people who ask me about my water drinking habits are really asking me about water. It’s all the same.

The term water guy is probably the only common term among the water-drinking population. But that didn’t stop us from creating our own water-related website.

We have created our own country club called North Naples Country Club, which was created to serve our club members. Our club consists of about 100 members and a few non-members that are working behind the scenes to make this a great website for people like us who want a water-fuelled club. We provide our members with access to a full menu of beverages, including water, at our website. We also provide our non-members with access to our club website as well.