Can THC Gummies Help With Post-Workout Muscle Pain?

When you return home after a grueling gym session or a long run, you know that your muscles will start to stiffen as your muscles begin to repair and rebuild. Supplements like protein and creatine can help in speedy recovery. The latest supplement added to the list is THC gummies

After various pre-legalization options, that was always an unpredictable experience, whether it be an evening of giggly fun or completely nauseous. But finally, there is a precisely dosed gummy, and you know exactly where you’re getting. Canada legalized edibles in October 2019; while many options like teas, cookies, and cold fizzy drinks, many beginners like to start with gummies. 

Several naturally occurring chemical compounds in hemp flowers give cannabis its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. It is also pertinent to note that many professional athletes have advocated the benefits of THC for muscle recovery and the prevention of DOMS.  

Topical products like balms, infused oils, and especially gummies are known for relieving aches and pains without any psychoactivity or lung involvement. Moreover, gummies are considered the most effective way for athletes as one can eat gummies anytime, before or after a workout, without any complicated procedure. 

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs when one exercises after an extended period, or even consistent athletes who workout regularly are prone to these unpleasant sensations. When you work your muscles more intensely, for a more extended period, or in a different way, the damage is caused to the proteins that make up the individual muscle fibers. Although there are home remedies and drugs to cure DOMS, THC is gaining fame for its anti-inflammatory qualities. 

Are THC Gummies Safe For Athletes? 

Though THC has proven harmful, the FDA claims that there must be some mild side effects. In the United States, CBD sourced from hemp, containing less than 0.3% THC, is legal in all states of the United States. Thus, such products are safe to consume for athletes, and every consumer, until taken in the proper dosage. Career athletes are known to source supplements that help them reach their peak performances without causing any risks to their bodies or long-term health. THC may be infamous for its psychoactive effects, but it is capable of much more. THC is a known vasodilator, which is why it expands blood vessels and increases blood flow, commonly resulting in bloodshot eyes. 

Benefits Of THC Gummies For Workout

The studies about THC and DOMS are limited for now. Still, one such study in the International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health found that trained athletes with THC intakes post-workout recovered more quickly and reported significant effects in muscle soreness. It must also be noted that gym trainers must stay updated on the latest supplement trends.  

THC gummies can effectively affect the circulatory systems of athletes, which helps the muscles stay oxygenated more efficiently. They also work as bronchodilators, opening the airways, thus helping with deep breathing. Therefore, THC gummies may help athletes inhale more oxygen and distribute it throughout the body while exercising.   

  • Relieves Pain and Soreness: 

Since the experience of pain is very common after a workout unless you are engaged in low-energy forms such as yoga, THC gummies help you by reducing post-workout pain. THC gummies cure nociceptive (generally caused by physical injury to muscles) and neuropathic (affects your body’s nervous system, often causing chronic illness) pain. It helps alleviate the pain caused by interacting with the body’s pain receptors. 

THC gummies are also often associated with persuading drowsiness and providing insomnia relief. Also, since THC gummies provide relaxing effects, using them in the proper doses can help athletes and non-athletes alike with sleep, which is considered one of the essential parts of recovery. 

  • Relieves DOMS:

Delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) is the pain caused by a rigorous workout, commonly caused to those who follow erratic movements. DOMS can disappear independently, but it still depends on your return to work out. Thankfully, THC gummies’ pain-relieving effects can effectively reduce the seriousness of DOMS. Also, THC gummies share the same effects as conventional drugs like Valium, commonly prescribed to relieve muscle tensions. 

Another pertinent thing to mention is THC gummies, unlike Valium and other over-the-counter medicines. They neither have side effects such as sedation, memory loss, or confusion.

  • Reduces Inflammation: 

The most used method to manage workout-induced inflammation has always been the application of ice to the affected area. But this is a much less effective method. THC gummies offer safe anti-inflammatory herbal alternatives that cause no side effects compared to various medicines found in markets. Another common cure is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). But even they can have unpleasant experiences at times.

As proven in studies, THC gummies not only help in taming inflammation but also give an even better result by the entourage effect created by the combination of THC. THC has also been proven to provide relief of inflammatory bowel diseases like the Crank’s disease. According to a 2018 review published in Frontiers in Neurology, “THC is anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antiemetic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective.” You should buy THC Gummies from a reputable brand to obtain all the benefits of it.

  • Boosts your energy:

Finding the motivation to go to the gym is often tricky, and THC can give you that motivation in the right direction. Heavy workouts can often make it hard for you to eat normally because of nausea, which may not provide adequate energy. And that’s where the THC gummies come in use. THC gummies can also relieve nausea, making it easy to consume food and other workout supplements. High-energy THC gummies can also provide a burst of motivation, allowing the consumer to stay active.


To conclude, THC gummies have many benefits for the body after workouts. Athletes can obtain benefits of both physical and mental domains from THC gummies if consumed correctly in their workout routines. THC gummies, just like medicated cbd, not only help with muscle pains or soreness but also help in reducing inflammation. THC gummies also help relieve DOMS (Delayed onset of muscle soreness) caused by rigorous workouts and help boost athletes’ moral and physical energies while working out or training. Lastly, it must be noted that one may consider THC gummies the most effective THC products for athletes since they provide so many benefits and are also so convenient and easy to use.