petrol price in meerut today

There are few days that I do not look at petrol price in meerut. It is always a reminder that the price is high and the price has not come down. Yesterday was the first day that petrol was lower than the Rs.50 mark.

I remember the day when petrol was Rs.50. And like most people I remember petrol price in meerut becoming Rs.50. It was the day when the petrol pump in Patna-Jaipur started selling petrol at Rs.50. After that petrol price in meerut started rising. In fact, in 2013 the petrol price in meerut was Rs.50.

But what was happening in the national capital was in fact a direct result of the petrol price being lower than the Rs.50 mark. In fact, it was the prices of petrol in the neighboring states that made the difference. In Bihar and Jharkhand petrol price in Bihar and Jharkhand was Rs.40 and in Uttar Pradesh it was Rs.40. When that happened in Delhi petrol price in Delhi began rising.

When the national capital was on sale for Rs.50, the petrol price in Delhi started rising. It was an indirect effect of the petrol price in Delhi being lower than the Rs.50 mark.

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