how many spark plugs does a diesel truck have

A diesel truck has the same amount of spark plugs as a Toyota Prius.

It’s the same amount of spark plugs as a Toyota Prius, but it’s no more than a 100 watt bulb.

If you want to know how many spark plugs a diesel truck has, look at the front of it. The diesel engine looks like a regular engine, but its got a lot more cylinders.

Diesel engines have a lot more cylinders than regular engines, and the extra spark plugs are good to keep the engine running well.

Diesel trucks are actually the same size as regular trucks. A diesel truck has the same number of cylinders, but the front of the truck is a lot more compact, which makes it easier to fit into tight spaces. Like most trucks, a diesel truck comes with a fuel pump, but the diesel engine is also equipped with a spark plug, which is more effective at generating the combustion power needed to move the engine. This is a little different than the regular spark plug.

This is one of those questions that just seems to get asked a lot. The answer is that the diesel engine is able to generate more power. This is a little misleading because the diesel engine is actually less efficient than a regular engine that has a spark plug. A regular engine generates around 75% of its power while a diesel engine actually only generates 40-45% of its power. But since diesel engines are generally more efficient, they’re more efficient than regular engines.

Diesel engines have the ability to run on diesel fuel. This makes them more efficient and cheaper to produce. The problem is that diesel fuel is much more expensive than gasoline. The average price of a gallon of diesel fuel in the USA is about $4.50. This means that a regular engine is going to make around $2.50, or $6.00 per gallon more per year. Diesel engines are around $2.

Diesel engines are more efficient than regular engines, but they also have a much higher starting cost and higher maintenance costs. So diesel engines are actually a lot more expensive to run than regular engines. But there is a way around this issue. You can buy a diesel engine that runs on gasoline, but it still runs on diesel fuel. This is called a diesel diesel engine.

A diesel engine burns diesel fuel (the same fuel that is used to fuel regular engines), but it uses gasoline as a fuel source to run on. Diesel engines that are sold as diesel engines are fuel injectors. You can buy them at a car dealership, or you can buy them online. This is what makes diesel engines much more efficient than regular engines.

Some people might be confused by this, but it’s not a diesel engine. It’s a spark plug. The spark plug is a small part of the engine that is used to ignite the diesel fuel. It’s not an engine. In fact, the term “engine” is used for a large piece of machinery, such as a steam engine.